KiHeiTai Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") has determined the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") with respect to the handling of user information including personal information in the services provided by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the "Service").

1. User information collected and method of collection

In this Policy, user information is defined as information concerning the identification of the user, records of activity on the communication service, and any other information generated or collected with respect to the user's terminal such as a smartphone or tablet, etc., that is related to the user or the terminal (hereinafter referred to as the ""user information""); and, based on the Policy, the Company will collect user information. The Company will employ collection methods in order to collect user information through this service (hereinafter referred to as the ""Service"") in accordance with the below.

(1) Information provided by the user.

Information that is provided by the user in order to user the Service are as follows.

(2) Information provided by other services where permission has been granted for a linkup between another service and the use of the Service by the user.

Where the user has permitted the linkup between an external service such as a social networking service and this Service, the following information will be collected from the relevant external services based on the contents of the permission provided by the user.

(3) Information collected from the user from the use of the Service by the user.

The Company may collect information related to the user's access status to the Service and how the user uses this service. This includes the following.

2. Purposes of use

Acquired information is used for the objectives notified to the user when their information is being acquired or collected, or for the following reasons.

3. Method of acquiring permission for notification/publication, method of requesting cessation of use.

(1) The agreement of the user will be sought prior to the use of the information below.

a) Terminal information

b) Location information

(2) The user may request the cessation of use of part or all of its usage information through the Service's settings, in such a case, the Company will, as soon as possible, cease use of such information in accordance with the points determined by the Company. Further, because use of the Service is premised upon the collection and/or use of certain user information the Company may cease the collection of the information only where the user ends its use of the Service according to a method determined by the Company.

4. External transmission, provision to third parties, whether information collection module exists

If any of these exists

※In order to improve the quality of the Service using the User's Information, the following information collection module is incorporated into the Service. Thus, the Company provides the User's Information to the provider of such information collection module in accordance with the following:

5. Regarding the entrustment and provision of user information to third parties.

The Company will not, with respect to personal information among user information, provide user information to third parties without the prior consent of the user except for where such disclosure is approved by the Personal Information Protection Act or other act. However, this does not apply to the following.

(1) Where the company must entrust the handling of part or all of the user information, but only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose.

(2) Where the company determines that it is necessary for the provision of the Service to disclose information on the Service, the registered name, address, telephone number, etc., of user will be provided to the respective user dealing with the Company.

(3) Where user information is provided as part of a merger or other reason related to corporate succession.

(4) In according with item 4, where user information is provided to providers of user information modules.

(5) Where, according to whether the users agreement is acquired or not, there may be a risk of hindering the conduct of a process authorized by law by an entity of the National Government or a local public body, or other entity who has been entrusted with such conduct.

(6) Other instances permitted under the Personal Information Protection Act or other act.

(7) Where the Company determines that the information must be disclosed in order to protect the rights of users of the services provided by the Company or a third party or other interest, etc., and in order to solve a dispute with a third party.

6. Regarding procedures for the cessation of use, disclosure of personal information and amendment.

Users may confirm and/or amend the information they provided at registration, if they log in to the Service using the ID and password they provided at registration.

The Company will respond to any requests without delay from users to disclose their personal information. However, part or whole of such information may not be disclosed in the following situations.

(1) Where there is a risk that such disclosure will harm the user's or a third party's life, body, assets, or other right or interest.

(2) Where such disclosure would significantly affect the proper conduct of the Company's work.

(3) Where there is a risk that such disclosure would violate a law.

The Company will respond within a reasonable time to any requests from the user to correct, amend, delete, cease the use of, erase said user's information provided that the Company is able to confirm the person requesting is the user itself.

Other than to achieve the purpose of this policy provided the account is still valid, or to continue to deliver this service, Users personal information will be kept as described in this Policy.

The Company can be contacted at, in case of request for detailed information about the rights, or request for the use of any of these rights.

When the user sends a request by e-mail, the Company may ask to provide the information necessary for identity verification.

If the user notices any infringement of rights in accordance with GDPR, the user has the right to appeal to the relevant regulatory agency of the country of residence.

7. Data security

The Company is constantly working on preserve the security of user's personal information. The Company is taking preventive measures (administrative, technical and physical) to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, loss, alteration, misuse or disruption of user's personal information.

8. Disclaimer and other items for attention.

9. Information of former users

Where a user's account is deleted, the information of that user will be suitably dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws and company rules.

10. Amendment to this Policy

This Policy may be amended. If the change is an important one then such will be notified to users via an easy to notice channel.

11. Inquiries

If there are any inquiries as to this Policy, please contact the below.

Or please send a mail to the following address:

105-0014 Japan Tokyo Minato-ku Shiba 1-9-6 Matsura Bldg, 5F